“I’m Steve Jobs, and I’m a Mac.”
“I’m Bill Gates, and I’m retired.”

From this week’s SuperNews on Current, it’s Gates vs. Jobs II, with Master Chief and Justin Long joining in the fun.  The Nerdwar continues…  “You can’t hide behind your iPhone forever!” Also this week, MySpace tells all: “Rupert did things to me.  I was never the same.”

“The Mayolution will Not be Televised” – Colbert responds on behalf of mayonnaise everywhere

Late last week the Colbert Report showed a pitch-perfect parody of Miracle Whip’s new campaign.  Though Colbert lightheartedly attacks the campaign, the brand comes out ahead.  Miracle Whip was thrilled about their “special appearance” the next morning on Facebook. And rightfully so.  The campaign didn’t just warrant a mention, but Colbert included a full thirty-second […]

The Daily Free Press in The Onion!

Yesterday morning, like most days, I went to my Onion Day-by-Day calendar and pulled off the previous day to reveal my morning dose of satire.  I read the headline and couldn’t help but wondering if it matched what the former editors of BU’s student paper think of it today.  And then I took a close […]

Mad Men (Big Bird style)

Saw this on the YouTube homepage and couldn’t resist.  It’s a parody of Mad Men from Sesame Street.  I never realized Sesame Street had so much entertainment value for the adults in the room.  Favorite part: at the end, the boss says “Good work sycophants,” *whoosh* right over the kids’ heads.