Got a website? Grade it.

I’ve been getting a decent amount of traffic via search engines, which reminded me about a tool I used to use on website projects.  I’ve found it useful for the past few years, so figured I’d pass it along. It’s called Website Grader and it helps you take care of some basic optimization for search […]

Fake Steve Jobs is back!

I apparently missed the return of Fake Steve Jobs this summer, but stumbled on a new post yesterday about an advertising patent Apple has filed.  Classic. Glad to see the real Dan Lyons back in character. Some favorite posts of yore (oddly all from 11/2007 – a golden age for Fake Steve?): It’s not a […]

google.fade() – a test or Chrome only?

Was playing around in Chrome and noticed something weird when I went to  When the page first loaded, only the Google logo, search box, and buttons appeared: After I moved the mouse in the window, the rest of the page gracefully faded into place: A brief foray into the code revealed the culprit, the […]