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New theme, old posts. Some early spring cleaning.

A bit of a change of a scenery today with a shiny new theme (let me know what you think!).

Some more details on the theme transition: I switched from Lightword over to Twenty Ten, with a few tweaks of my own via a custom child theme.  There’s a great tutorial on making child themes, super useful if you’re looking to customize a WordPress theme without having your changes overwritten each time the theme gets updated.  The images at the top were put together with some pseudo-Bokeh via a helpful Photoshop tutorial.

Now, what’s up with the new posts dated before this blog started?

Way back in 2007 I had my first blogging experience with a blog dedicated to chronicling a summer abroad in Madrid over at Windows Live Spaces.  With Spaces closing down later this month, I took the opportunity to upgrade my Space to WordPress.com then brought the posts over here to jckahn.com (a smooth process, I must say).  The imported posts are a little trip down memory lane — all of the posts are dated May and June 2007 and are tagged My Summer Abroad.

Hello world.

I am currently between Seattle and Atlanta at 36,010 feet somewhere near the border of Montana and Wyoming.  That’s a weird place to start a blog.  Here’s the backstory:

You see, I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, but just never got around to it – until today.  As we boarded the 5.5 hour flight this morning, Delta gave everyone passes to try the Internet for free.  Normally, I’m against being connected all the time (I will rue the day the FAA decides to allow cell phone use on planes), but today the price was right.  Plus, it’s hard to deny the cool factor of using Internet as you fly.

But I digress.  With free Internet and 5 hours to kill, I decided to finally start a blog.  I set up the domain and hosting with 1and1.com, installed WordPress, and fired up Windows Live Writer to write.  All while flying at 505 mph.  And here we are.

Now for introductions.  My name is Jason Kahn and I graduated from Boston University this past May with a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a minor in Computer Science.  I spent the summer in Atlanta (where I’m from) preparing for an impending move to Seattle.  I’m en route to a new job with Microsoft as a Program Manager on Windows Live Social Networking (where I interned last summer).  My interests span everything from web design to product placement to the latest infomercial fad – this is going to be a hodgepodge.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something of interest on the blog as it develops.  I certainly don’t want to waste your time.