AIM 7.0, Suspiciously Similar: An Ode to NSAC

AIM 7.0 was released a few weeks ago without much fanfare (note to AOL: when you release a product, you should at least put up a press release about it in your “Newsroom”). While the wider world didn’t seem to bat an eye, the release of AIM 7.0 is big news to me – I […]

Mad Men (Big Bird style)

Saw this on the YouTube homepage and couldn’t resist.  It’s a parody of Mad Men from Sesame Street.  I never realized Sesame Street had so much entertainment value for the adults in the room.  Favorite part: at the end, the boss says “Good work sycophants,” *whoosh* right over the kids’ heads.

Zune gets the first-run right

Now that’s how you handle a first-run experience.  Open up the new Zune software for the first time and this gem of a video plays full-screen inside the Zune player.  A brief overview of the new features that actually gets you excited to use the software.  Bravo. Hat tip to Vimeo user Matt Rider for […]