College Puzzle Challenge is coming

Yesterday I got to participate in the the Beta test for the 2009 Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge and really enjoyed the event.  Thought I’d share some info. The College Puzzle Challenge takes place at universities across the US and Canada each year.  Teams of four students each spend a Saturday solving puzzles and competing to […]

Mad Men (Big Bird style)

Saw this on the YouTube homepage and couldn’t resist.  It’s a parody of Mad Men from Sesame Street.  I never realized Sesame Street had so much entertainment value for the adults in the room.  Favorite part: at the end, the boss says “Good work sycophants,” *whoosh* right over the kids’ heads.

Zune gets the first-run right

Now that’s how you handle a first-run experience.  Open up the new Zune software for the first time and this gem of a video plays full-screen inside the Zune player.  A brief overview of the new features that actually gets you excited to use the software.  Bravo. Hat tip to Vimeo user Matt Rider for […]

Something’s awry at the Seattle Times (and it’s not the newspaper itself)

Bad puns aside, I’m a fan of newspapers.  While the Internet definitely has them beat for breaking news and news magazines edge them out on in-depth reporting, no other media is as local as a city’s paper.  Which is why I decided, as a new resident of Seattle, to subscribe to the Seattle Times. A […]