Pandemic I

“The economic cost that has been paid to reduce the infection rate is unprecedented. The drop in employment is faster than anything we have ever experienced. Entire sectors of the economy are shut down. It is important to realize that this is not just the result of government policies restricting activities. When people hear that […]

Krishna — The best for all

We’re sharing memories of Krishna Venkatesh at  If you know Krishna, share your stories there, too.  I’ve also cross-posted my story here, though comments are only open on the remembrance site. Galactic Lego spaceship battle Every few months, my inbox would light up with an impossibly-great subject line.  They were recommendations for a new […]

Measuring Community – Counting what really counts

Season 4 of Community premieres Thursday. To make sure you’re ready, here’s a look at the first three seasons: preview | go big on As the old adage goes: you can’t save from cancellation what you don’t measure. UPDATE 2/7: Got some requests for a printed version. Head to Zazzle if you want to […]