Fake Steve Jobs is back!

fake-steveI apparently missed the return of Fake Steve Jobs this summer, but stumbled on a new post yesterday about an advertising patent Apple has filed.  Classic.

Glad to see the real Dan Lyons back in character.

Some favorite posts of yore (oddly all from 11/2007 – a golden age for Fake Steve?):

  • It’s not a phone, it’s an alliance:
    ”That’s why iPhone has taken off. Because it’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It works. It restores a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives. It wasn’t made by a consortium. It couldn’t be created by a committee. It is the product of one vision, one man, one genius — that would be me — with, to be sure, a bit of help from a few other people who played minor roles.”
  • Mind-blowing refrigerators:
    “Anyway. What Google sells is ads. That’s their rocket fuel. And not just any old ads, but really annoying, butt-ugly little text ads”
  • This is why we hate public events:
    “Please watch how patient and caring and open and honest our PR people are with this guy despite his absolutely horrible and utterly embarrassing behavior.”

Oh, and oPtion$ is hilarious.*

*In the interest of full disclosure, while looking for how to properly link to Amazon’s listing for oPtion$. I discovered and decided to sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program.  It lets website owners (and run-of-the-mill tweeters) create links to Amazon products and earn a percentage of sales generated through the link.  Thanks to the FTC’s lengthy and confusing new guidelines for blogging, there’s been quite a hubbub about programs like Amazon’s (though the guidelines seem to be tailored to bloggers who receive more than a % from companies, ie whole free products to review).  In the interest of being straightforward, however, I wanted to let you know that buying oPtion$ through the above link will reduce Amazon’s revenue from the sale by 4%, instead directing the 24 cents to me.  Of course you can get around that act of charity by Googling (or Binging) the title yourself.  Thank you for reading.

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