The Daily Free Press in The Onion!

Yesterday morning, like most days, I went to my Onion Day-by-Day calendar and pulled off the previous day to reveal my morning dose of satire.  I read the headline and couldn’t help but wondering if it matched what the former editors of BU’s student paper think of it today.  And then I took a close look at the picture and read the excerpt.  The article is actually about BU’s student newspaper, The Daily Free Press (aka the Freep).


The Onion still has the full article (from 2007) available online.  I’m glad someone is recognizing The Daily Free Press for the bastion of journalistic integrity it has become (or it least had become as of last May).  Though the paper could never be accused of “print[ing] propaganda straight from the BU president’s office” as The Onion alleges.  They were doing anything but that for the last four years.

For old time’s sake, here’s one of my favorite examples of the Freep’s quality reporting during my time at BU:

It starts with a sensational article on a Wednesday.  The following day, letters to the editor pour in questioning the article and a correction is issued, retracting many of the facts that made the story newsworthy.  The day after that, another letter and more corrections.  Finally another letter the next week further refuting the article.  In the end there was no real story at all (and certainly no front-page material).

Ahh, the Freep.  You had such good crossword puzzles.

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