google.fade() – a test or Chrome only?

Was playing around in Chrome and noticed something weird when I went to  When the page first loaded, only the Google logo, search box, and buttons appeared:


After I moved the mouse in the window, the rest of the page gracefully faded into place:


A brief foray into the code revealed the culprit, the HTML tag for the page includes the following attribute:


The fade is also triggered onblur for the search box.  When the page is loaded in IE8 or Firefox, neither offers the fade.  Could this be a test of an upcoming design change or is it a page optimization for Chrome users?  Anyone else seeing this effect?

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  1. Just saw this in Firefox 3.5 (Mac). Interesting fade-in. Note that the buttons (Search and I’m feeling lucky) were not present at first, and didn’t fade in either. Very minimalist; I kinda like it.

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