WordPress 500 Server Errors solved with PHP 5

Was having trouble with 500 Internal Server Errors when uploading files larger than ~1MB and an inability to automatically upgrade WordPress.  Did a lot of hunting around and none of the conventional solutions (increase limits in php.ini file, etc) seemed to apply.  On a whim, I upgraded my hosting package to PHP5 and things magically […]

Inside the Spam Folder: A Letter from the “IRS”

Every once in a while, a spin around the old spam folder can be interesting just to see what trickery the spammers are up to lately.  You never know what the Nigerian Prince has up his sleeve.  In a recent foray, I found an entertaining e-mail from the “IRS”.  I knew it was a going […]

“The Mayolution will Not be Televised” – Colbert responds on behalf of mayonnaise everywhere

Late last week the Colbert Report showed a pitch-perfect parody of Miracle Whip’s new campaign.  Though Colbert lightheartedly attacks the campaign, the brand comes out ahead.  Miracle Whip was thrilled about their “special appearance” the next morning on Facebook. And rightfully so.  The campaign didn’t just warrant a mention, but Colbert included a full thirty-second […]