Photo Upload Limit Exceeded

Yesterday as I was attempting to upload my photos from Palacio Real (a normally arduous process given the fickle nature of the wireless Internet connection I "borrow" from a neighbor), my space (Microsoft’s brand-name for blog) informed me that I had already filled my monthly photo upload quota.  To upload more photos, I apparently need to wait until July.

The purpose of the blog was to communicate my adventures to you in as close to real-time as possible (read: within a day few days week?).  Waiting until July defeats that purpose/timeline, so I’ll be looking for a new place to upload photos (maybe flickr?).  Just wanted to let you all know.  As soon as I set something up, I’ll let you all know where to go to see pictures.

Back in Spain, we just got back from our Segovia trip (look for a post later today/tomorrow).  Tonight we’re seeing a bullfight and tomorrow it’s off to the monastery/palace El Escorial and an the championship soccer game for Real Madrid (we don’t have tickets but will be going to watch the game on TV somewhere near the stadium).

Thanks for reading!

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