Surprise Upgrade

This weekend while I was in Sevilla, my senor moved all of my stuff to a new room (don’t worry; he warned me at breakfast last Friday and I packed up a little bit to make it easier for him).  We got two new study abroad students from the US in the house, bringing the total to 5 students (including me), 3 sons, and the couple.  And everyone has their own room (albeit small, still comfortable).  When I got back on Saturday night, I was shown to my new room, with a queen size bed and my own bathroom.  Very exciting.  Still no air conditioning, but it’s more than cool enough here at night.

That’s all for now.  Some pictures of rooms old and new: 


The old room may have had a view, but there was barely room to stand.

Huge bed and a bathroom.  Definitely a good upgrade.

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