This weekend is over; Last weekend is finally done

I’ve just posted the last of the stories from last weekend (yes, almost a week behind :-) ).  Hopefulyl I’ll be able to get more updates up more frequently this week, as there’s already a backlog to take care of.

This weekend I went on a program trip to Seville and had a great time.  I’ve already posted the picutres, but sometime during the week I’ll put up more info on the trip.  Other updates of note that I’ll expand upon during the week:

  • I got an "upgrade" on my room
  • Our first essay is due Tuesday for the internship (as it’s for credit we must do academic-type work) about the labor situation in Spain
  • I went to a Tapas Festival today
  • I saw Flamenco today

If you have any thoughts or questions, know that you can always comment on a post* or e-mail me.

*I think you need a Windows Live ID to comment on my blog.  Just click "Add a Comment" below any post and follow the directions.  Remember, anything you post is public (ue the world can see it).

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