Madrid! (finally)

Well today was quite a long day.  After waking up on Sunday morning at 9:00 eastern time, catching my 5:30 flight to London and not sleeping for the 8.5 hours of time in the air, enjoying a two hour layover at the British Airways lounge, and taking an almost 3 hour flight to Madrid, I’m tired.

After getting to Madrid I met the kids who took the group flight in Terminal 1 and e all took a bus together back to the Instituto Internacional, the school where we will take classes and where the program offices are.  The building is right in central Madrid.  I’ll post pictures later in the week, but it’s a really nice old building.

We then found out our host families for the next 7 weeks.  My family lives about 8 blocks (10-15 minutes walk) from the Instituto in the direction of my internship (though it’s a little further the other direction to get to the internship).  My family is a married couple with three sons.  I’ll post more about them later this week, too.  Also in the house is a Texas A&M student who is studying abroad through his school’s internship program.

On tap for tomorrow: information sessions about the internship program, getting a phone, and churros for breakfast?

Good night!

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