South of the Border – Weekend Stories Part 3 – Saturday 21:00-25:30 (ie 1:30)

The BU program includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your family every day except for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.  To make the most of our nights out, I started going through the travel guide Michael gave me before I left.  I was dismayed by what I found.  While it includes lots of great information about […]

El Corte de Ingles y Una Excursion – Weekend Stories Part 2 – Saturday 16:30-21:00

After our Real Madrid stop, we headed toward Puerta del Sol where our city tour was to start at 7:00pm.  As we had a lot of time before then, we did what the Spanish do and stopped to get coffee at a place called Rodilla right in the plaza.  Of course, I got ice cream […]