Olympic coverage that pushed the envelope

With the London Olympics coming to a close, we can all look forward to the end of the refrain of complaints about NBC’s coverage of the games.

The Closing Ceremonies also free Mary Carillo from her nightly gig hosting “Late Night at the Olympics” on the peacock network.  This nightcap for NBC’s coverage featured a hodgepodge of less-than-mainstream events (whitewater kayaking! table tennis!), a wrap-up of all of the big moments of the day (montage!), and a brief fluff segment/sign-off (puns!).

Wait – puns?  Yes, Mary Carillo bid the country adieu each night with content varying from an explanation for why she is not on Twitter to a sprint through several bad puns while keeping a straight face.

Lest these bits of personality be forgotten, here’s one such segment from coverage on Friday, August 3… See if you can count how may puns she slips in to the story.

Take note, kids – you won’t see gems like this on the live stream of events online.

Windows Phone tip: Stop your calendar from showing Monday’s meetings on Saturday nights

My Windows Phone treats me well; it’s great at e-mail, I love my Zune Pass, and there are lots of great apps.  It also has a very efficient lock screen that gives you the date and time; notifications for missed calls, new texts, and new e-mails (by account); and music playback controls all in one glance.  Plus, when I’m at work, the lock screen always helps me find my way to the next meeting on my calendar: what it’s called, when it starts, and where I should go.

That’s great during the week, but not so much on Saturday night.

You see, the logic for appointments showing on the lock screen is pretty simple. If there are any appointments the same day or the next day, they appear on the screen.  Perfect for knowing what’s next for the day or what’s coming tomorrow morning.  Except when it comes to Saturday nights.  After midnight on Saturday (a.k.a. Sunday morning), that two-day window of time includes Monday morning.  And Monday morning’s meetings.

Nothing like enjoying a bit of a respite from work and being reminded that Monday’s coming up soon.

But luckily there’s a really easy solution to the problem (without doing anything weird to your phone):  set up a recurring weekly appointment on Sunday nights to serve as your next appointment over the weekend.  I have my phone show “Happy Weekend!” until Sundays at 10pm.  No longer does your weekend have to hasten to a premature end.

A much nicer picture to spend your Sunday with.

To make it easier to get set up on your phone, here are some .ics event files I made that  you can add to your own calendar (in Eastern or Pacific time zone flavor).  If you’re using the calendar that comes with your Windows Live ID via Hotmail, just import that file on this page to get it synced to your phone.  Of course, you can customize the message and the timing for when it’s OK for Monday morning meetings to start showing up.

Happy Weekend! :-)

Defaulting to friendly

Noticed this recently: when you visit CNN.com, their weather widget way down at the bottom has a very friendly default.  If you haven’t told CNN your location, the site displays one of several random cities:

Welcome, NC

Cool, CA

Odd, WV

Success, MO

Ideal, GA

Okay, OK

Truth Or Consequences, NM

Sure, they could guess where you are based on IP, but these defaults are definitely more fun.  A nice touch of personality in the details.