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Gogo for free. [in-flight Internet, that is]

As we approach the holiday travel season, many of you will undoubtedly take to the skies to get where you’re going.  It’s so peaceful, flying up there on an airplane, disconnected from the world. 

But you can’t keep your head in the clouds forever.  Just as smartphones ruined e-mail-free commutes (don’t do that), inevitably someone would wire up planes to the grid and pull you back to earth.  That someone was Gogo.

At least they’re doing something nice for us in return.

To spread the word about their service and get more people to get addicted give it a try, they’re offering a code for FREE Internet.  Yes you heard right, that’s FREE.  Just take your computer on your next flight, once the plane hits 10,000 feet and you’re cleared to use portable electronic devices, launch your browser and head to  Create an account and enter this code:


You’ll get free wi-fi access for the duration of your flight.  It should work on any Air Canada, AirTran, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, or Virgin America flight that features a wi-fi sticker on the outside of the plane.  There are more details on which airlines and which routes feature Gogo at their site.

So enjoy the free Interweb access in the sky.  Use the time to do something productive, something fun, or something like starting a blog.  The sky’s the limit (I’m sorry, I’ll stop now).


Disclaimer: Just like with the Amazon referral deal before it, this Gogo referral deal also involves me getting something in return for referring you to Gogo.  This time, if you use the free Internet credit, I get a free Internet credit.  Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this if the free Internet credit wasn’t worthwhile for you.  I could just take the code they gave me and use it ad infinitum via different free e-mail addresses. Hmm…  Wonder if is taken yet?  I hope the Gogo folks planned for that contingency.  Anyway, happy free Interneting.  The code expires 1/7/2010.  But that’s not ‘til next year…

Got a website? Grade it.

websitegraderI’ve been getting a decent amount of traffic via search engines, which reminded me about a tool I used to use on website projects.  I’ve found it useful for the past few years, so figured I’d pass it along.

It’s called Website Grader and it helps you take care of some basic optimization for search engines.   Don’t worry, this isn’t the slimy, keyword-stuffing, link-whoring version of SEO.  This tool, made by the good people at HubSpot in Boston, just runs a bunch of tests on your site to see if how it fares in the eyes of a search engine.

When I was getting started looking at search engine performance, the advice on using the .htaccess file to unify the http://www. version of your site with the http:// one was particularly useful for me.  It also never hurts to have a tool remind you that you forgot to add meta tags to a page.

Anyway, give it a try and see how your sites fare.  You’ll either get a number to brag about or some insights in how to make your site easier on a search engine’s eyes.

I noticed today while perusing the site that HubSpot has set up a whole mess of graders on, anyone tried out any of the other graders?

The score for

Fake Steve Jobs is back!

fake-steveI apparently missed the return of Fake Steve Jobs this summer, but stumbled on a new post yesterday about an advertising patent Apple has filed.  Classic.

Glad to see the real Dan Lyons back in character.

Some favorite posts of yore (oddly all from 11/2007 – a golden age for Fake Steve?):

  • It’s not a phone, it’s an alliance:
    ”That’s why iPhone has taken off. Because it’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It works. It restores a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives. It wasn’t made by a consortium. It couldn’t be created by a committee. It is the product of one vision, one man, one genius — that would be me — with, to be sure, a bit of help from a few other people who played minor roles.”
  • Mind-blowing refrigerators:
    “Anyway. What Google sells is ads. That’s their rocket fuel. And not just any old ads, but really annoying, butt-ugly little text ads”
  • This is why we hate public events:
    “Please watch how patient and caring and open and honest our PR people are with this guy despite his absolutely horrible and utterly embarrassing behavior.”

Oh, and oPtion$ is hilarious.*

*In the interest of full disclosure, while looking for how to properly link to Amazon’s listing for oPtion$. I discovered and decided to sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program.  It lets website owners (and run-of-the-mill tweeters) create links to Amazon products and earn a percentage of sales generated through the link.  Thanks to the FTC’s lengthy and confusing new guidelines for blogging, there’s been quite a hubbub about programs like Amazon’s (though the guidelines seem to be tailored to bloggers who receive more than a % from companies, ie whole free products to review).  In the interest of being straightforward, however, I wanted to let you know that buying oPtion$ through the above link will reduce Amazon’s revenue from the sale by 4%, instead directing the 24 cents to me.  Of course you can get around that act of charity by Googling (or Binging) the title yourself.  Thank you for reading.

“The Mayolution will Not be Televised” – Colbert responds on behalf of mayonnaise everywhere

Late last week the Colbert Report showed a pitch-perfect parody of Miracle Whip’s new campaign.  Though Colbert lightheartedly attacks the campaign, the brand comes out ahead.  Miracle Whip was thrilled about their “special appearance” the next morning on Facebook.

And rightfully so.  The campaign didn’t just warrant a mention, but Colbert included a full thirty-second spot in the program.  Nobody’s ever watched a Miracle Whip commercial so intently.  Not to mention that appearing on Colbert grants the Colbert bump, just the kind of credibility Miracle Whip was looking for in the target (which Colbert identifies as 18-34 year old males in his spoof).  Nearly a perfect placement.  The only thing left to wonder is if Kraft paid for that kind of exposure…

Either way, it’s funny television.  Enjoy: