Thanks for coming to my blog. You’re probably wondering who the nut is behind the wheel. Well, you’ve come to the right page.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Jason Kahn. I’m from Atlanta, went to Boston University, and live in Seattle.  I work at a small Redmond outfit as a Program Manager.  I’ve worked on a variety of things over the years, from Windows Live Social Networking to Skype to Windows.   My interests span everything from web design to product placement to the latest infomercial fad – this blog is a hodgepodge of all of that. Read how it all started.

Other things you should know

The opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone (unless you agree with me, then we can share them). They do not reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or family.

Most posts are open to your comments, and I encourage you to leave your thoughts.  Please don’t post about the fortune you’re dying to share with others, how you make a lot of money working from home, your in to get discount prescriptions, or the like.  That’s what myspace is for.

Always feel free to contact me with questions, complaints, fits of rage, or general feedback.  The contact page is good for that.

Finally, you should know that I participate very minimally in the Amazon Affiliates program. It lets websites earn a percentage of sales generated from links they post to Amazon . While it’s unclear if the FTC’s guidelines for endorsements in blogging govern this type of program, I will attempt to put a notice in every post where I use an affiliate link.  Not to worry — I use the links sparingly for things that I’d recommend even without Amazon’s program.

Thank you for stopping by!

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