Got a Windows Phone? Some of my favorite free apps

One of the numbers they like to tout frequently is the total number of apps available for Windows Phone.  But while the total number has passed 16,000 recently, all that really matters is finding the good ones.  Especially the good ones that are also free.

Thought I’d share some of my favorite freebies; what are yours?

Screenshot of Wordament app

Wordament pits you versus the Internet in a multi-player word game similar to Boggle.  Find as many words as you can in 2 minutes, then see how you stack up versus everyone else who just played that round.  Great for a quick mental break, just try to avoid being sucked in for more rounds than your planned.   And bonus points to the app for how easy it is to get a username and get started.
More info | Download

Screenshot of 4th and Mayor
4th and Mayor

If you use both Foursquare and Windows Phone, 4th and Mayor is the way to go.  Faster than the “official” Foursquare app and with more features.  I’m especially a fan of the Explore and Nearby Specials features.
More info | Download

Screenshot of Groupon app
Screenshot of Groupon appGroupon

Sure you can find the new Groupon deal of the day, but even better is remembering to use the ones you already bought.  You have a fighting chance with the app that brings them with you on your phone.
More info | Download

Screenshot of the Bank of America app
Bank of America

The ubiquitous bank comes to Windows Phone.  Great for checking account balances or finding a branch that’s open, but Washington and Idaho customers can’t use billpay. 
More info | Download

PS – Don’t keep a savings account balance like the one in the screenshot at Bank of America. Find someone who will actually pay you some interest.

Now if only there were an easier way to share apps from the Marketplace than writing a blog post…

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  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the mention! We are glad you are enjoying the game and sharing your find with the world. We love the game too (obviously) and it’s just about to get a whole lot better! Head over to to learn about our latest updates, including leaderboards on the phone!

    — “Black Snapper”
    Engineer / Gamer
    You vs. the Internet

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